About the OET

The Open English Translation of the Bible has been planned since before 2010 and an early draft of the account about Jonah was made around then, but other commitments prevented much progress until it was restarted again in mid-2022.

The initial vision came after Robert Hunt switched from Windows to Linux on his laptop used for Bible translation in the Philippines. (This was mostly done to avoid the spread of computer viruses.) After some time, he came to realise that the components and programs used on the free Linux operating system had all been donated by clever programmers, but this was in contrast to the Bible resources on the same laptop that were all encrypted and their use was tightly controlled. This didn’t seem to match either the origin of the Scriptures nor did it match the theme of Jesus’ gift to mankind. (Even today, it’s much easier to find a pornography download on the internet than to find a free, modern Bible text download that you could use in your own app or on your own website.)