Helpers wanted

We are looking for techo geeks in the Bible world to help us achieve this vision. If you’re proficient in Python, Flutter/Dart, Rust, or Golang, please do contact us.

Sponsors wanted

We also need financial help for this project to advance at full speed. Although most of the work is done by volunteers, we do need to cover our computing costs (domain names, servers and services, internet, electricity) as well as travel and conferences. We would also like to be able to pay for services from contract programmers and web developers. Then if there’s any extra, it will also be appreciated for helping to pay the grocery bill. Again, please use the contact page to get in touch directly.

Users wanted

As some OET books start being finished in the first half of this year, we’ll be wanting users to try them out in their own Bible software. Incorporating the OET will definitely take more effort than for conventional translations, because the design has both a Literal Version and a Readers’ Version that complement each other and are intended to be displayed together (or printed side-by-side).

Bible consultants wanted

If you’re a Bible translation consultant and/or a Hebrew or Greek expert, we would value your help in checking drafts for errors and also for making suggestions for improvement.