About Freely-Given.org

The Freely-Given.org website was started in 2009 by Robert Hunt, a Bible translator, as a place to collect and curate free and open-licensed Bible-related resources. Unfortunately, it didn’t get a lot of attention in the 2010’s due to higher priorities, particularly supporting a team in the southern Philippines as they completed a translation of the Bible into their own language.

Now Freely-Given.org has become a producer of resources and not just a curator—starting production of the Open English Translation of the Bible.

Of course, Freely-Given.org was already known for the Bible Drop Box conversion system for Bible formats based on our Bible Organisational System library (Python).

So now in the 2020’s, we are still actively searching for programmers and website developers who would like to join us in sharing God’s gifts with the wider world. Please see our Partners page to see our list of needs, and then let us know your skills.