Why is it called the Open English Translation of the Bible (OET)?

  • Open (unashamedly inspired by Free and Open-source software) expresses our desire to make it freely available for others to use or adapt in any way. It’s also open in the sense of open for others to join in and help with (but that doesn’t mean that it would be open to everyone—just those who show a genuine interest and ability).
  • English because it’s an English translation. Modern English. Our English. (It seems a little ethnocentric to leave the language qualifier out of the title of a Bible translation, although it’s true that in most cases that language of the title itself indicates the language of the translation.)
  • Translation just to remind readers/users that it is indeed just a translation of the original language scriptures. (Again it seems a little deficient if a book called something likeThe Holy Bible doesn’t clearly remind its readers that it’s not the original but merely one of hundreds of different English translations.)