The spirit and the bride say, “Come.”
Whoever hears this should also say, “Come.”
Anyone who’s thirsty to live forever should come. Anyone who wants it can take the water that gives life free of charge. (Rev 22:17 OET-RV)

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Future plans

For now we are retaining a licence that requires attribution, etc. until the project design and the text is somewhat finalised, stablised, and recognised. However, having to keep track of author credits, etc., adds a burden (albeit small) to users, and so in the future, we plan to place this work in the public domain. So we hereby announce that as soon as any translated Bible book has been published at or above v1.0 for two years, that book is to be placed into the public domain. Or alternatively, upon the death of the principle translator or two years of inaction on the project repository (whichever is soonest), the entire work is to be placed into the public domain.


Any volunteers must agree in writing in advance that their work will become the property of, and thus also made publicly available under an open licence and put into the public domain in the future. Of course we’re happy to credit any contributors (unless they request otherwise).


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