OET Explorers’ Edition

The Explorers’ Edition is the default edition of the OET and the one displayed in the Reader. This edition might be ‘over-the-top’ for conservative readers, with the traditional book orders changed (John and Mark before Matthew) and the (wrongly-named) book of James changed to Jacob.

The Readers’ Version in this edition uses Yeshua (from the Hebrew) instead of Jesus (or something like Yaysous from the Greek), and also makes changes to names that are still familar or recognisable to English readers, e.g., Mary becomes Maria (from her Greek name, but not Miriam which was likely her Hebrew name). Many Hebrew names starting with ‘J’ are improved to be more accurate and start with ‘Y’, e.g., Yonah, yet they’re still easily recognisable for English readers. (This is definitely only a compromise solution.)

The OET Literal Version remains the same in all current editions (and uses transliterated names as all good literal versions should).